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Crossover Communication Skills that Make Every Meeting Better

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Quick, think of somebody who has achieved “crossover” success – in other words, they turned their skills into success in more than one domain. You can probably name someone who has achieved success in both music and acting, in both science and politics, in both performing arts and business. These are modern crossover stars, and […]

Consulting is More than a List of Questions


From the very first year I began working with advisors on consultative skills (1997), my workshop participants have asked me, “What are the best questions I should use in my discovery meetings?” The internet has an answer for you – 497 million answers. That’s the number of results from a recent Google search for “top […]

The Most Important Factor in Offering Advice

Shows the most important factor in offering advice

Imagine this scenario: Your closest female friend just got engaged – to a complete loser. He’s not a very nice person, and he’s clearly not good for her. You see it, her other friends see it, her family sees it – marrying that loser is a mistake that could cost her thousands of dollars and […]