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What is the AdvisoryEDGE?

Dan Smaida gives you a brief overview

We Know What Works

We’ve spent 23 years training and coaching over 10,000 advisors in multiple disciplines. We can teach you how top advisors use behavioral science and consultative process to create a differentiated client experience that wins business. 

Sales training is not the answer

In fact, the more sales technique you employ, the less credible you become.  Instead, we focus on how to do your job as a producer without resorting to typical salesy behavior. 

Turn meetings into Clients and business – even online!

Especially now, you can differentiate and win new clients and business. There’s no secret sauce – just a combination of process, skills, and execution.  We’ll give you proven models, methods, and processes that work. 

“Using a process to manage my meetings has completely changed the game for me.”

– Glen P. / Financial Advisor

Grow Your Practice with Advisor Accelerators

Dan Smaida’s 30-day programs combine small-group workshops, individual coaching, and the tools you need to get more clients and more business

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Financial Advisor Training that Gets Business Results 30-day Accelerators give you more velocity

Dan has trained over 10,000 advisors on how to successfully leverage online meetings. This Financial Advisor training specifically speaks to the challenges of growing your practice virtually.

You can anticipate these results:

  • More clients and prospects getting online with you
  • Better client engagement and rapport online
  • More persuasive meetings that help clients take action
  • World-class online presentation skills
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