Deliver Advice Clients Trust

Why do smart people ignore good advice? Why do we sometimes trust bad advice? How do you offer advice clients trust – and take?

When you understand the answers to these questions, you become more consultative, and your effectiveness as a professional advisor accelerates.

This book shows professional advisors in all walks of life how to use behavioral psychology to deliver advice clients trust – and take. It’s a practical guide full of useful strategies you can use in your very next client meeting. You’ll become more consultative and avoid cognitive traps that make you appear “salesy” to clients. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to make the most of every opportunity to help clients.

This book is for anyone who “consults” as part of their job. Financial Advisors, B2B sellers, Insurance agents, mortgage brokers, even leaders and managers need consultative skills to succeed.

Book Reviews

“Your book takes key principles of behavioral science and applies them to the real world in a succinct, clear, and accurate way. It will provide consultants with a clear roadmap that they can use to improve their craft, and they can have confidence that it is based on proven scientific principles.

– Robert Feldman Ph.D, Chancellor, University of Massachusetts Amherst

“I love the strategies! This is almost like a workbook – full of practical ideas an advisor can use to be more consultative and effective in building deeper client relationships.”

– Lisa Stavsky President & CEO, WesBanco Securities

“As a lifelong learner with 30 years of trial advocacy behind me, I find Smaida’s book to be a gem. A large part of advice giving is ensuring the recipient is receptive to taking your advice. I love this book because it breaks down in understandable terms the central parts of the consultant’s role and how to remove barriers that often stand in the way of successful professional service engagements.”

– Joseph S. Goode, Principal, Laffey, Leitner & Goode LLC

“Throughout my professional career as a business development executive, I have witnessed and always believed in the adage that “people buy from people”. The term “buy” certainly has multiple meanings depending on the context and purpose of the interactions. Your book does a comprehensive job of both sharing and unlocking the psychology of this adage. A keen awareness of behavioral psychology is a must for effective relationship development and management. I believe you accomplished the goal of your book. Further, I view it as comprehensive reference material that the reader can and should refer back to for both skill development and skill mastery. I appreciated the brevity of the material. The ‘sound bites’ on the concepts and strategies make it easier for the reader to put into action.”

– Eric Murphy, former Chief Growth Officer, Optum Health

“Dan gives you the concepts, strategies, and tools to build trust and deliver high-value client meetings. If you want to be more consultative, this book is must-read.”

– Graham Day, President, Eagle Life Insurance

“All meat, no fat. This book is 100% useful!”

– Joanne Hewat, Director, General Assembly


This book provides the concepts, strategies, and tools that help you build trust and deliver advice people value and use. This book is for anyone who delivers advice and wants to be more consultative. You’ll get ideas you can use in your very next interaction for better results.

Dan’s AdvisoryEDGE(tm) programs and workshops have helped thousands of professionals around the world become more consultative. Dan is an internationally-known speaker with hundreds of keynotes, breakouts, and workshops to his name.

Dan is also the author of “Love and Selling,” and travels the world helping professional advisors become more consultative.

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