Five Ways Online Meetings Will Evolve in 2020

One thing we all want to know:  What’s coming in 2021?  In my specialty (delivering professional advice for money), people are asking, “How will online meetings evolve in 2020?”

I’m not going out on a limb to predict these five ways online meetings will evolve in 2020 – I’ve been with a number of RIAs, insurance companies, fund companies, B2B sellers, and advisors of all stripes this year.  I’ve seen what’s happening, and I’m training people to stand out in the sea of sameness that online meetings have become.

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How Online Meetings Will Evolve in 2021

Summary:  For advisors in any discipline, the challenge is simple, but not easy:  Stay informed, roll with the changes, and focus on creating a secure, clear, and trusted experience for clients in any platform.